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Friday, January 28, 2005

Meeting Between Leonard Peltier Defense Committee and Lord Alderdice

On Wednesday, January 26, 2005 Terri Ellenwood and Barry Bachrach of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee held an 80-minute meeting with Lord Alderdice of the British House of Lords. Lord Alderdice was the first Speaker of the Northern Ireland Assembly, and was one of the chief architects of the Good Friday Agreement, bringing a peace process to Northern Ireland. His seat in the British House of Lords is a life-long appointment.

While Lord Alderdice was visiting the US to learn about American Indian issues, the LPDC got a chance to meet with him and discuss the unjust incarceration of Leonard Peltier and how it affects American Indians sociologically throughout the United States.
Lord Alderdice was enthusiastic about their presentation and resolved to work internationally to assist Leonard Peltier and reconcile American Indians with the US Government.

Lord Alderdice, though retired from the Northern Ireland Assembly, remains heavily involved in international conflict mediation and has worked extensively with Jerry Adams, Nelson Mandela and a variety of prominent figureheads. The LPDC and Leonard’s legal team look forward to a long and supportive relationship with Lord Alderdice

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