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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Authorities at the US Federal Bureau of Prisons:
We send you this letter in solidarity with Mr. Leonard Peltier.

MenchĂș Tum Foundation
Guatemala City, July 8th, 2005

US Federal Bureau of Prisons: Director

Dear Director:
With great concern I have received the news about Mr. Leonard Peltier'ssituation in the Terre Haute prison, in Indiana.

There is no need to adopt such measures of solitary confinement, no postmail, or phone calls, lack of medicines- with him. He is elder, he was amodel prisoner in the Leavenworth jail and he is sick.

I appeal to your conscience, to your sense of humanity, so that the basichuman rights of Mr. Peltier are fully respected. Moreover, it is necessarythat Mr.Peltier, a very well known and respected Native American leader, be transferred to a better penitentiary.Many indigenous leaders andmembers of indigenous peoples all around the worldare very worried aboutMr. Peltier's treatment, which we have found very indignant and inhumane.We send you a call to urgently revise the condition in which Mr. Peltierremains in jail.I do hope that the authorities hear of this humanitariancall. The entire world,especially the Indigenous Peoples, will thank you.

Rigoberta MenchĂș Tum
Nobel Peace Prize Laureate