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Monday, July 04, 2005

Sample Letter for Terre Haute in regards to Peltier

Dear, federal bureau of prisons.
In personal care for Leonard Peltier.

I understand That Leonard Peltier, an innocent man. Has been moved from his Government home in Leavenworth Kansas. As the prison in Leavenworth is being shut down or changed. I also understand that he has been moved to Terre Haute , In. Leonard Peltier is an Indigenous man who has been abused by the justice system.

I realize that innocence is no defense. That there is no witness or item of proof that can link Leonard with the crime. I realize that any other human man or woman would have been released after serving the time in Leavenworth he has served. I understand that as an American citizen, the right to justice is born in us, and we are entitled to the truth, and this has never been the case in this situation. I understand his abuse continues even now in Terre Haute.

He is being kept in the hole and unable to inform his own family of his situation. He is a political prisoner and his rights are being violated once again. I urge the Bureau of Prisons to do the right thing and let Leonard, speak with his family.

Allow a doctor in to check his health and allow him his right to pray in his personal way. I request a letter in reply to address these concerns and request to meet with Leonard or a proxy in my stead. This in the person of his Lawyer [Bachrach, Barry A]. There are many who have reason to believe his health and religious freedoms are at risk, and would like this addressed upon receipt of this letter.

I ask this respectfully.
Regards In Peace
Keith Rabin